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Legal Authority

Claremont International University PLC, is a private university incorporated in 2003 under the International Business Companies Act, 1994 (Act 24 of 1994) in the Republic of Seychelles. The Republic of Seychelles is an independent democratic nation and a full member of the British Commonwealth of nations and the United Nations.

The Memorandum of Association of Claremont International University PLC, Seychelles, specifically empowers it to confer university degrees and diplomas internationally, functioning as a virtual university or university without walls. The Memorandum of Association of Claremont International University PLC has been approved by the Seychelles International Business Authority, the competent government authority for the purpose in the Seychelles, and forms the basis for the approval of the incorporation of the university, as undertaken by the Seychelles International Business Authority and the Registrar of International Business Companies, acting with the full authority of Seychelles law. This process means that the degree and diploma awards of the University are fully legal and have been approved by the relevant governmental authority. Claremont University adheres to the policies of the Seychelles Ministry of Education on adult and distance education as outlined here.

Claremont University degrees stand upon the legal authority and high standards of the institution and the expertise of its advisors. As far as quality assurance is concerned, the Claremont University, Foundation, consisting of senior personnel involved with the University acts to provide continuous oversight of the University's quality assurance procedures. Currently, the Seychelles authorities have not established any system of compulsory or voluntary accreditation or regulation of private universities.

Where the interests of Claremont University are served by formal or informal partnership with other institutions or through membership of appropriate organisations, we will seek such alliances.

Claremont University Degrees and the United States of America

Claremont University is an international virtual university registered in the Republic of Seychelles. It is not an affiliate of any institution in the USA using the name Claremont. Nor is Claremont University accredited by any accrediting agency recognized by the government of the USA.

Claremont University is not accredited by any United States governmental recognized accrediting agency. We have not sought accreditation nor do we intend to apply for accreditation from any regional accreditation agency in the United States in the foreseeable future. Prospective US based student should make note of the following statement issued by the US Office of Postsecondary Education which states:

"Accreditation does not provide automatic acceptance by an institution of credit earned at another institution, nor does it give assurance of acceptance of graduates by employers. Acceptance of students or graduates is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer."

However, Claremont University attempts, with limited exceptions, to employ only faculty members who have academic degrees from recognized United States and foreign institutions in order to offer quality degree programs. Claremont University degrees have been evaluated, following the standards established by the Republic of Seychelles, the British Commonwealth of Nations Education Treaties, UNESCO and other authoritative bodies in the field of post secondary education, to be the equivalent of degrees awarded by an US Regionally Accredited university. This provides Claremont University graduates in the United States with degrees that offer the same potential utility as US Regionally Accredited degrees."

Claremont University Degrees and the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom Department for Education and Skills ( states: It is not an offence for overseas organisations to offer their own awards in the UK, as long as they make it clear that they are not qualifications from a UK institution and that accreditation is from overseas. Claremont University is an international virtual university registered in the Republic of Seychelles. Its awards are not qualifications from a UK institution and are issued under overseas legal authority, that of the Seychelles.

Acceptance of Claremont University Degrees

Many employers, educational and other institutions will, at their discretion and subject to their particular professional and other requirements, accept degree awards granted under foreign legal authority. Any institution is under no obligation to accept any qualification from any university, indigenous or foreign, accredited or unaccredited. The acceptance of degrees remains a matter for individual institutional decisions and policies, and so no absolute guarantees in this area can be given. Please check thoroughly before enrolling with us that your degree will meet your present and anticipated future needs.

The European Union states the following with reference to non-regulated professions: In case your profession is not regulated in the host country, you do not need to apply officially for regulation of your qualifications. In fact, you can begin to practising [sic] in the host Member State, subject to the same conditions as its nationals.

The UNESCO Recommendation on the Recognition of Studies and Qualifications in Higher Education, adopted by the General Conference at Paris in 1993, states that "Member States should take all feasible steps within the framework of their national systems and in conformity with their constitutional, legal and regulatory provisions to encourage the competent authorities concerned to give recognition…to qualifications in higher education that are awarded in the other Member States…" Recognition is defined as "entitling the holder to be considered under the same conditions as those holding a comparable qualification awarded in that State…"

Claremont University, makes no representations, promises or guarantees of acceptability of transfer credit of its awards to any other public or private educational institution, given that most educational institutions will make decisions on the acceptance of transfer credit from foreign institutions on an individual basis, and some will not accept the transfer of portfolio credit from other institutions, wherever earned. It is the prospective student's responsibility to ensure that the degree sought meets all desired requirements in terms of acceptance by educational institutions, employers, professional bodies and for the purposes of applicable vocational or employment licensing laws in appropriate jurisdictions. Those considering applying to Claremont University are recommended to carry out enquiries concerning such matters in their own country by making contact with such local or national bodies they may deem relevant to their purpose, and should note that Claremont University is not able to undertake this process of enquiry on the applicant's behalf. The majority of our students will already hold professional or vocational credentials, or will be pursuing other pathways towards obtaining them, and their principal interest in seeking to obtain a degree from Claremont University will be in the acquisition of an academic qualification.

Because Claremont University is a foreign distance-learning institution, none of our programs are specifically designed to meet licensing requirements in any particular country or state. If your goal is to be licensed in any field it is your responsibility to check with the appropriate licensing body prior to enrolling to determine if a Claremont degree will meet with licensing requirements.

Maintaining Student Satisfaction

Complaints, comments and suggestions about our university

We are always happy to hear the views of our students. It is our aspiration that we should offer a service of the highest quality and that you should be assured at all times of our prompt attention to your needs. If you feel we have not met the standard to which we aspire, or if you have comments or suggestions about how we can improve our service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at A member of the Claremont University Foundation will investigate all complaints promptly and will take appropriate action where the University has not acted in accordance with its aspirations towards best practice. Where we are at fault and you have suffered detriment as a result, we will usually make a refund of part or all of the fees involved.

withdrawal From the program

The student may withdraw from the program at any point provided they have paid their fees for each credit assessed up to that point. With the exception of the circumstances described on our Fees page, we do not at any point normally offer any refund of fees already paid, unless in the context of an upheld complaint as described above.

Reviewing our Effectiveness

We are committed to seeking feedback from our clients on the service they have received from us. Where this process raises issues of concern, Claremont University will address the matter promptly in order to ensure that the University maintains its reputation for quality, and make changes to our systems and structures accordingly. In particular, we are interested to know of the use that our alumni have made of their degrees from Claremont University and will, after seeking permission, make this information available to prospective students.

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