Refund Policy, Leave of Absence...

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

Complaints, comments and suggestions about our service

We are always happy to hear the views of our clients. It is our aspiration that we should offer a service of the highest quality and that you should be assured at all times of our prompt attention to your needs. If you feel we have not met the standard to which we aspire, or if you have comments or suggestions about how we can improve our service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at A member of the Claremont University Foundation will investigate all complaints promptly and will take appropriate action where the University has not acted in accordance with its aspirations towards best practice. Where we are at fault and you have suffered detriment as a result, we will usually make a refund of part or all of the fees involved.

Withdrawal From the program

The student may withdraw from the program at any point provided they have paid their fees for each credit assessed up to that point. With the exception of the circumstances described on our Fees page, we do not at any point normally offer any refund of fees already paid, unless in the context of an upheld complaint as described above.

Leave of Absence

Recognizing that circumstances change, it may become necessary for you to take a leave of absence before continuing your studies. If you feel you must take a leave, you must contact your Faculty Mentor in writing. Please state the general nature of the reason (it is not necessary to reveal personal information) you require a leave and the approximate time you think you will need to put your studies on hold. A copy of this statement should also be sent to the Office of Academic Affairs. You may take a leave for up to one calendar year. At the end of that time you must request an extension in writing and submit it to the Office of Academic Affairs. There is a fee of $500 for a period of up to one year to maintain your student status.

When you are ready to resume your program just notify the Office of Academic Affairs and your Faculty Mentor of your intent. There is no fee to reactivate your enrollment, although the next year's tuition, at the rate currently in effect, will be due and payable.

Withdrawing from Further Study

Should you decide, for some reason, that study at Claremont University is not right for you, or if you decide to discontinue your studies, please notify your Faculty Mentor and the Office of Academic Affairs immediately. Your Faculty Mentor may assist you in finding alternatives, clarifying options, or if necessary, with the formal withdrawal process.